Policy and campaign experts with a proven record of success.


The Team

Their passion for responsible change and overcoming challenges inherent to drug industries have lead Henry, George, and Alastair to create Hanway Associates after meeting at London-based think tank Volteface.

The teams expertise combines legal, scientific, marketing and creative backgrounds to communicate complex brands, regulations and research. They constitute an excellent business facilitator for the development of responsible and profitable industries. It is impossible to build safer public policy and better futures for citizens without building responsible industries, and in doing so communication is key.


George McBride
George is an experienced lobbyist that began his career as a barrister building a practice in Chambers’ many areas of expertise.

He joined Volteface as a Crime and Justice Policy Director where he consolidated his expertise on drug policy. His competence in oral and written advocacy, analysis, commercial advice and policy drafting allow him to build tailor-made relations with journalists, policy makers, public representatives

Dr Henry Fisher
Henry has a Ph.D in inorganic chemistry. His knowledge and expertise in the drug industry have lead him to become Policy Director at Volteface.

Henry is also a member of the Loop, a not for profit CIC providing drug safety testing, welfare and harm reduction services at nightclubs, festivals, etc.

His involvement in the scientific community puts Henry as a go-to person when it comes to scientific issues in the drug industry.

Alastair Moore
With a background in cultural policy and event production, Alastair is a creative with the know-how that allows him to be the perfect bridge between complex policy matters and relevant creative communications.

He joined Volteface as Creative Director, facilitating the implementation of creative campaigns for sensitive public opinion issues around drugs.